Visiting Monaco During The Formula 1 Grand Prix

Monaco is one of the most famous areas on the planet and is also home to one of the best races of the year, the Monaco Grand Prix held by the Formula 1. With this being said, people are going to want to make sure they are able to enjoy the trip and be able to watch the mass up close, instead of watching it on the television. Here is some advice that can make it easier for people to have a great trip.

Practices are held well before the race day. However, what people do not realize is the practices are available to be seen if people have tickets. This means people are going to want to secure the tickets to the practice sessions. When they get these tickets it will make it easier for them to see more of the track, but also get a chance to see their favorite drivers on the track and get to see more about the adjustments that are being made and how the drivers are starting to explore the track and become more of a daredevil. However, during the practice sessions, people will often find they will have a better chance of meeting the drivers without the race day stress.

After the practice sessions, the roads are reopened for regular traffic. Since the roads are being reopened, it will be easier for people to get around town, but what is nice is the fact that people can drive down the main straight away and only have a little wall between them and the race cars. This means people can brag to their friends about getting to pass all of the race cars even if they are driving a small beater car. So people will want to keep this in mind as it is going to allow them to have an up close look of the vehicles.

Fairmont Hairpin SuiteWatching the race from a hotel balcony is one of the best ways to see the race on race day. This is expensive and prices for Grand Prix accommodation with a balcony for 3 days can cost over a thousand pounds. However, this is a great way to get a commanding view of the race track and see the race as it develops. Plus when people are using a balcony they will typically find a television is close by that will keep them posted on all the changes on the course in the locations that they cannot see.

 Lewis Hamilton riding an Agusta F4 RR motorcycle. Courtesy

Lewis Hamilton riding an Agusta F4 RR motorcycle. Courtesy

Being able to travel to the exotic land of Monaco can be exciting, but to do this during the Formula 1 Grand Prix adds to the excitement and joy that people are going to have when they are traveling to the region. With this information in hand that was in the article, it is going to be easy for people to have a great time when the Grand Prix is in Monaco. Without this, they may have trouble having a great time in Monaco during the race.

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Places To Camp When Touring France By Motorcycle

Motorcycling holidays are a great way to enjoy your vacation on the road. If you are biker or just love to ride around on your bike every time you get the chance, then a motorcycle holiday is something that you need to do. Nothing provides the kind of a thrill biking abroad provides. Be it your passion is riding the latest touring bike or an old vintage classic, finding the perfect place to go biking is one thing that you will need to consider doing.

If you are looking for a great biking destination where you can have fun opening the throttle as you enjoy new scenery, cultures and roads, then France is the place to go. France has some of the best biking roads you will find anywhere. That coupled with its fantastic scenery and friendly people, touring across France on your motorcycle is something that you will definitely love doing.

However, when it comes to riding across this beautiful nation on your bike, it is important that you make proper accommodation arrangements well in advance to know where you will be resting in between your journey. The great thing is that there are plenty of accommodation and camping options all over the nation, and that make it easier to find a place where you can rest. If you are looking for great accommodation options in and around France, then here is a short list of some of the available camping bases and hotels where you can find or make accommodation.

Le Camping Moto

camping-motoLe Camping Moto is a motorcycle-only campsite located on 26400, Montclar sur Gervanne situated near Crest at the foot of the Alps. This camping site makes a very good stop if you are heading to the Alps or are touring them as you enter France. It is made up of well shaded areas that are dissected by a cool and refreshing river. The camp’s facilities are great and it features a pool, restaurant and a bar.

Camping-Moto Dordogne

Camping-Moto Dordogne is another exemplary bike camp and is located at 24250, St. Aubin De Nabirat, Dordogne. If you are looking for a camp that has a cool and relaxed atmosphere, then is it. It features a swimming pool and a friendly bar and its camping area is well shaded. The camp is one that you will pass if you are from Calais and are southbound to Pyrenees or towards Spain.

Camping Moto Rendezvous

camping-rendezvous-motoIf you are a party freak, then Camping Moto Rendezvous is a 24-hour party campsite located along F-34650 Lunas, Herault that you need to check out. This is one camp that is not for the faint of heart as partying here is non-stop. However, if you want to have a good time through the night, then this is the camp site for you.

Camping Maisonneuve

If you are looking for a cool camping site where you can just kick it with your fellow bikers, then camping maisonneuve is the place to go. Located on 24800 St. Jory de Chalais, Perigord, Camping Maisonneuve offers riders privacy by providing them with their own corner with grilling facilities and tables.

The great thing is that apart from these camping site, there are plenty more touring motorcyclist camps all over France. As such, it is important that you take time to consider all available options as you make plans to tour through France on your bike.

Camp Sites In Catalonia For Motorcycles

Going on a cross country tour on a motorcycle is a great way to save money, but also get to see different parts of the world. However, staying in a hotel may not be the best way to really connect with the natural beauty of any given area. To do this, people often need to camp. To that end, here are some of the best campgrounds in Catalonia for people who decide to take their motorcycle out and hit the road and enjoy the countryside and natural beauty that is present in Spain.

Camping Repos Del Predraforca is one of the primary camping sides that people will want to go to. When they are at this location people will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Pyrenees mountains, but also be able to take full advantage of some of the features this camping location offers. Some of these features will include the walking and hiking that is available, but even getting a chance to have the bike cleaned up after a long hard day of riding. People will also enjoy the fact that they may not even have to bring their own tent along as the campground has plenty of tents and cottages available for rent. Something else that is nice is the fact that some of the sites that this location offers has a pool to help people unwind and relax after riding. It is important to note the pool is outdoors so the temperature may have a say on swimming.

Camping Vall de Camprodon is another great location for people to travel and see. This location is surrounded by the same beauty the mountains offer in the first campground, but this is an area that people can come back to and fall in love with time and time again. To make it even better, the closest town to this campground is one that is going to be made from the Roman times and even comes complete with a stone bridge from the Roman time period. With this campsite people will enjoy the fact the location is only closed on Christmas Day and the day after Christmas. Other than that the location is open year round, but it does have specific days that it is closed during the week and weekend depending on the season. People will also enjoy the fact this location has a variety of bungalows that are available for them to use, when they are traveling.

Being able to take a motorcycle trip can be exciting. However, for some people it is nearly impossible for them to have a great trip because they are constantly worried about the cost of driving their vehicle. This is when people should know more about the way they can save money by using their motorcycle to take their trip. To save even more money, people need to know about the camp sites in Catalonia that are meant for the tourist who are coming by motorcycle.